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Factors Deciding the Scrap Car Prices in Australia

What factors affect the selling price of a used car to auto wreckers?

The price you will get from your salvaged car is affected by certain variable factors and this article will highlight all of some of the main factors to make things easier for you to understand that on what basis the car wreckers are going to deal with your car.

Factors Deciding the Scrap Car Prices in Australia

Hence here is a concise information that will help you decide whether the price that you are being offered is the most competitive for your unwanted vehicle or not.

Market demand

The demand for different types of car can be influenced by a whole host of different concerns. This includes such things as weather, time, the popularity of the make or model. And the location the car is used in. If you live in a town or area that experiences a much warmer climate, the people there may be more likely in general to buy vehicle’s that have convertible tops. An area that has a lot of wet, snowy weather may call for the purchase of a sturdy 4×4. It helps to understand the needs and wants of car buyers in your area.

The price of scrap metal in the market

The cost at which car wreckers in Australia capital will buy a wrecked car is often influenced by the prevailing prices of scrap metal in the automobile market. This is because the auto wreckers supply the scrap to recyclers who make new products from that metal. Low demand for scrap can therefore result in lower prices for old cars. It may therefore be helpful for you to study the scrap metal prices in your location over several weeks so that you can take your car to the wreckers once prices are at their highest level.

Make of the vehicle

It is not a common factor when it comes to selling damaged cars, but it may affect the price in a way. Most yards remove some of the car’s spare parts for sale or other uses. Car brands that are known to have spare parts that are not cheaply available will cost more compared to those that have parts that are common in the market. Car buying companies or junkyard owners may quote their price depending on the brand of your vehicle.

Vehicle drivability

It also matters whether your car can be driven or not as if the cars that are still drivable may fetch a higher price because they can be fixed and sold as salvage cars. Cars that cannot be driven will obviously attract a lower price because the car wreckers will often have to incur the cost of towing them from your property to their wrecking yard. Choosing to deliver the car yourself makes little difference since you will still have to deduct the cost of the delivery from the price that you accept for the car.

The car’s inside and outside condition

Prices may also differ depending upon the actual condition of the car when you sell it to ACT car wreckers. The condition referred to in this regard differs from whether the car can be driven or not. Here, the wreckers are looking at how many reusable parts they can retrieve from that car. For instance, a car that was involved in a serious crash may not have intact upon the car’s body parts. That car may fetch a lower price than another car that has been sitting in someone’s yard for years with its parts uselessly.

Assess your wrecked cars in terms of the considerations above and build a contact over several wrecking yards and compare their offers for the car. Select the wrecker whose terms are the most competitive and appropriate according to your aspect.

Odometer reading

Usage plus time equals wear and tear. The more kilometres your vehicle has travelled, the more wear and tear it will have accumulated. And what better place to calculate this but via the odometer reading. The odometer tells you how many kilometres a car has been driven over its lifetime, so a car with a higher reading will have taken on more wear and tear than a car with a lower odometer reading.

Holden Junkyard


We have been in the car wrecking business for several years now. Our professional and knowledgeable experts know exactly what you need. If you are seeking used auto parts for your Holden, look no further and visit us because we have got you covered. We offer market competitive rates that are within your budget. Contact us today and inquire about your desired Holden car parts and pricing in minutes.


Holden Junkyard

Your Holden car/ute is worth something to us even if it’s dead and unable to be driven anymore. In fact, we pay you for your vehicle. Our car removal Canberra service team takes your Holden car for recycling and preserving the environment. We salvage its parts for reuse. Our process is swift, transparent, and convenient for the customer. You sit and relax while we do our job. Earn quick cash for cars in Canberra today by giving us a call.


Having wrecked thousands of cars over the years, we have a massive range of spare parts on our Fyshwick auto wrecking yard. They are extracted from old Holden vehicles sold to us by actual users. We recondition them for you. So if you’re looking for a more diverse inventory of Holden parts, reach out to us by calling us or filling out the form today for more details and information and get your vehicle back on the road again.

You can visit our yard or call us to check for spare part availability.

Our Holden Junkyard staff is always eager to help you. You can call us Monday through Saturday and speak with a parts specialist who will resolve your concerns.

As soon as you reach out to us, we will visit you. We try to wrap up the process fast, so you earn quick cash for your car.

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How Much Do Wreckers Pay for Cars in ACT

If you Need to Sell Car to Junk Yard in Australian Capital

If you’ve been browsing Google in recent days, you probably know all about the convenience and benefits of selling unwanted/damaged cars in ACT. And if you’re residing in Canberra or Queanbeyan and want to sell your used vehicle, you may be wondering How Much Do Wreckers Pay for Cars in New Zealand.

How Much Do Wreckers Pay for Cars in ACT

Obviously there is no fixed amount that everyone gets for selling his vehicle. Basically, car wreckers will pay you based on how much money they can make from your vehicle. Whether it’s refurbishing and selling car parts or scrapping the metal and other materials, car wreckers are businesses, so it all comes down to making profit by recycling those unwanted vehicles.

In this scrap cars blog, we’re going to furnish the reader with a price indication that you could get from selling your old car to wreckers in ACT. Additionally, we’ll answer common question car sellers have.

How Much Would you Expect From Car Wreckers to Pay?

By large auto wreckers in Austrlaia  pay anywhere between $500 up to $5,000 for old, damaged, uninsured vehicle.

The actual price fluctuate due to many other factors that determine how much money you can get from selling car to wreckers.

How Do I Get the Best Price from a Car Wrecker?

To get the best price, the rule is always to consider all your options and never go with the first wrecker you contact.

Remember to gather quotations from several car wreckers before making your final decision. By shopping around, you can find the wrecker that’s willing to offer you the best price, and you can go with them.

How Do  Car Wreckers Price the Cars They Buy?

When you ask an auto dismantler to give you a quotation for your vehicle, they will take into account several things before giving you a price. Here are a few of them:

1- Make & Model

One of the first factors that any wrecker will consider is the make, model, and type of car that you’re trying to sell to them. Simply put, a vehicle that has more valuable parts will fetch you a higher price. On the other hand, they might offer you less for more common models, since there’s probably more supply than demand for those cars.

Some car wreckers specialize in specific types of vehicles, e.g. 4×4, utes, trucks, or vans. These businesses may value those vehicles more than cars, for example, and would offer you less should they decide to take the car at all.

2- Mileage & Age 

As with anything to do with cars, wear and tear is usually measured in terms of mileage. So, a vehicle that’s seen a lot of abuse, after having been driven to the moon and back, will be worth a lot less than one with lower mileage.

It’s not just about the number, by the way. Higher mileage also suggests that the salvageable parts inside the car have also suffered plenty of wear and tear, making them less valuable to would-be buyers.

3- Overall Condition

Car junk yards will take a vehicle in almost any kind of condition, even if they’re totally wrecked (get it?). The thing is that they can’t do much with a car that’s been completely smashed in an accident, other than to scrap it for metal to recycle.

A car in decent shape is worth more to wreckers because they can take it apart piece by piece. With all the salvageable spares removed, they can recycle the metal that makes up the car frame.

4- Salvageable Parts

As mentioned earlier, car wreckers don’t just make their money from recycling car materials. They also take out salvageable car parts, make them useful again, and sell them off to second-hand parts buyers.

If your car is in excellent condition with car parts that wreckers know they can sell, then they’d probably offer you a little more to take your vehicle off your hands.

5- Demand for Scrap Metal

By selling your car to auto wrecking dealer, you’re providing the metal supply. The car wrecker is more of car removal and collector, so they’ll only pay you based on how much money they think they can make on the other side of the transaction.

The same goes for the metal. You see, scrap metal prices fluctuate all the time based on the demand for that material. So, just as with the car parts, the total amount that car wreckers’ will pay you depends on the market for what that car has to offer.

We are the official website for up to 4 cash for cars and commercial wreckers services:

Car Removal Yass

Our Cash for Scrap Car Removal Yass Program Gets Your Car Sold

Having the best of cars in your garage is what brings joy to many and sometimes defines your taste as a person. However, no matter how expensive and well customized a vehicle is, there comes a time where it has outlived it, and you have to get rid of it by selling or dumping it in a scrap yard. It can be quite daunting and hassling to dump such a heavy metal; this is why Car Removal Yass is here to help you out.

Car Removal Yass

Ask Yourself… Is my Car:

  • Not being driven for months?
  • Old and Rusting?
  • Damaged?
  • Uninsured?
  • Taking up space in driveway?
  • Bad Transmission?
  • Blown head gasket?
  • Electrical Problems?

Ask us anything about removing a scrap vehicle or cashing it in.

If you are looking to scrap, recycle, or sell an older vehicle, or used car online. In fact anything on wheels with an engine or pulse, our Car Removal Yass will rescue, apart from children! The imperturbable courtesy of our scrap car removal style is in striking contrast to the frequent tardiness of our cash for cars competitors in the Yass area. ACT wreckers offer cash for cars regardless of age, and pitiful its state may be. Our service combines vehicular scrapping with old-fashioned cash. Get the money you need and get rid of your unwanted or shabby vehicle with this service. Contact our imperturbable scrap car salvage crew today to start. 0477 562 299 We specialize in buying then removing, run down, end of life vehicles, and unwanted cars.

Fast & Trustworthy Pick Up Service

You need a keen Car Removal Yass team who can assist you in disposing of your used vehicle quickly. Our team is known for its speedy car purchasing, which rids you of unwanted cars and puts the money (or e-transfer) in your pockets quickly. We are also consistent in all that we do. ACT wreckers will ensure that you receive the best service possible at all stages of the pick-up and sales process. You will always know what to expect from us because we offer reliable and consistent service.

Recently Purchased Cars & Trucks

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Best Website to Sell Unwanted Vehicle in Australian Capital

The best website for selling your used car in ACT

Selling your car is quick and easy these days thanks to the internet – but which sites offer the best option?

Best Website to Sell Unwanted Vehicle in Australian Capital

Thankfully, the internet has changed all that. Today there are a host of ways to sell your car online, all of which market it to a much wider audience than the traditional methods ever could.

You could advertise it in the local online car sale such as That meant steeling yourself for timewasting phone calls from buyers trying to knock you down to a ridiculously low price. Or you could park the car outside your house with a ‘For Sale’ notice in the windscreen and hope for a buyer to magically appear.

The various online options also allow you to be as involved with the sale as you wish. If you’re up for the challenge, you can deal directly with buyers and manage everything yourself. If you have better things to do with your time, you can now simply spend a few minutes entering your car’s details on a website, then accept a payment from a specialist car buying firm and have them collect the car from your home.

No matter what category of salvage your vehicle may be, we have the expertise to deal with it. From category A through to category Z and everyday running and non-running vehicles. Although we are a specialist car salvage buyer, its not the only service we provide. Operating within the car services sector for over ten years we have gained experience and knowledge of many other sectors. We provide many other services including vehicle recovery, parts supply to the automotive industry.

Selling your car to a cash for car buying service in Canberra

Specialist car buying services have become very popular in recent years. They make selling your car simple and convenient, which is great for getting rid of it quickly and easily. They’re also great if you don’t like the idea of haggling over the price of your pride and joy, or you’re worried about strangers coming to your house.

Using an online offer site usually won’t get you as much money as selling the car yourself directly to the end buyer, whether online or in person. Just as with trading the car in at a dealer, any business putting in an online offer needs to make a profit by selling the car on to someone else.

How We Value Your Vehicle?

“We don’t work off the weight of your vehicle like most scrap companies. We find the part-ex value and discount it for the problems your vehicle may have. Our method of valuation often ends up with you receiving $$$$’s more than you would if you scrapped the vehicle.” (see example below:)

Mazda 3 2013 normal scrap value based on weight AUD800. Our method part-ex value less discount for problems AUD1200. On this one vehicle alone you would be over AUD400 better off with us.”

Vehicle Salvage Buyer

“The prices we quote are fixed and guaranteed, no haggling or tyre kicking just good honest car salvage prices. We buy cars for the value of their parts not for the weight of it. With some vehicles at 3 x scrap price on the export market we share this price with you.”

Our Car Salvage Buyer Agents

“With a car salvage buyer in every postcode area we can guarantee we have one local to you. Offering same day payment and collection and a simple process of instant valuation we can offer a stress free way to sell your salvage vehicle.”

The best auto salvage websites for selling your car in 2022

Selling Water Damaged Vehicles in Canberra

Where to Sell Your Flood Damaged in Australia Capital?

If you live in flood prone ACT areas  mainly the Molonglo that suffered major flooding, along with the areas of Lake Burley Griffin, Oaks Estate, Fyshwick, Pialligo, Weston Creek and the Majura Valley development area. You’re familiar with the damage that can be caused by flash flooding of Queanbeyan and Molonglo rivers,. Living near flood risk areas can complicate life, especially during rain season, which historically is more likely to occur in ACT areas which have seasonal rainstorms.

Vehicles and other property can be susceptible to minor water damage or even become fully submerged in high water. Exposing a vehicle to severe storms and flooding can cause long term water damage to cars, SUV’s and commercial vehicles. The scary part is that the issues might not necessarily be apparent until much later in the vehicle’s life.

Selling Water Damaged Vehicles in Canberra


Fortunately, if you have a flooded car from a recent tropical storm caused low pressure system over north island , we can help. No matter what degree of water damage your vehicle has sustained, give us a call. Even if your car has been declared a “write-off car“, you can still sell your scrap car for cash to ACT WRECKERS. We pay TOP DOLLAR for makes and models, running or not.

Sell a flood-damaged car today! Don’t pay for costly repairs and rust damage. We buy water damaged cars as-is, which means you don’t have to spend a dime to get cash for your damaged car. We’ll connect your water damaged car to buyers who can recycle the parts, repair the damage or recycle the metal, without the need for you to part the vehicle or do any work to repair the damages.

What Are Flood Damaged Vehicles?

If a vehicle is flood damaged, it does not necessarily mean it has been fully submerged into water. The term ‘Flood damaged vehicle’ covers all levels of damage sustained from liquids, whether it is corrosive, polluted, contaminated or saltwater damage.

Selling Flood-Damaged Car in Canberra

With nearly 5 main agents in ACT, we can make you a cash offer and pick up your flooded car within 24hours! We’re one of the most trusted names in flood car buying, and we have a competitive cash offer waiting for you just one call away!

Our scrap car buying team makes selling your flood damaged car for cash fast and easy leaving you more time to rebuild your life in three easy steps.

  • Step 1: Call 0477 562 299 and accept your cash offer.
  • Step 2: Schedule an appointment to have us deliver your cash and pick up your car or truck.
  • Step 3: Collect your cash offer and give us your car keys.

→ When will I get paid?

Our driver will pay you at the pick-up. You can expect no negotiations or haggling. We pay you what you agreed to.

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Canberra Wreckers Buy Cars for Cash

We Pay Cash For Cars in Canberra

Whether you have a used car you don’t need, maybe it’s no longer highway safe, or need cash more than your car, we can help. We believe that you can sell car by a simple, fast and free process. Our Canberra Wreckers Buy Cars for Cash is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to sell your car in Canberra.

ACT Wreckers is the top car salvage company in Canberra. In business since 2016, ACT Wreckers has established itself as the leader in the field of scrap car removal and used car parts dealer. We recycle all types of vehicles including wreck cars, vehicles that are beyond repair, abandoned cars or cars with missing parts.

Canberra Wreckers Buy Cars for Cash

We will pay the highest price for your scrap or junk cars, vans, trucks, and suvs. We have paid up to $9,000 for unwanted cars. Just give us a call with your automobile details including make, model and year or you can complete a free no obligation quote request on our website. In most cases, we will be able to pick up your scrap vehicle the same day and within the hour, we are fast and reliable and have had thousands of happy and satisfied customers over the years of being in business.

You can be confident when you do business with auto wrecking yard in fyshwick since we are an auto wreckers that complies with all environmental legislation in its recycling operations.

We service all of the Canberra area Including: CanberraCurtinPhillip, and Canberra North.

If your city is not on here please contact us!!

What Kinds of Cars Do You Buy in Canberra?

We will buy almost any make or model regardless of its condition. Whether you need junk car removal for a damaged Holden or Mazda, or you’re looking to get top dollar for a nearly new Mercedes-Benz or BMW, we have you covered.

If your car needs towing, we will always do that at no charge. Contact us today for your free quote. We will come pay cash for your car in no time!

My Car Doesn’t Start In Canberra Area

Were you looking for, “Sell non working car”? ACT WRECKERS can help! If you have a dead car with a broken engine or engine damage, we will pay you cash on the spot and pick up your non driving car free of charge! It doesn’t matter what condition your non running car is in, we buy them all! If you are ready to sell your non-starting car that is not safe to drive, give us a call at 0477 562 299.

Is your offer negotiable?

When you Canberra Wreckers Buy Cars for Cash, we work our hardest to get you the best offer in Wellington for your junk car than any other car buyer. There is never any obligation to accept the offer, as we will try our best to hold your offer until you are ready.

How will you pay for my car in Canberra?

  • You can request cash for junk cars or a corporate check when scheduling that can be cashed same day in Canberra.
  • You can verify funds before our driver completes the junk car removal.
  • This also allows you to have a paper trail of your cash for junk cars transaction with us. We do this for your safety to guarantee that our driver comes out with the exact amount that we agreed on.