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Terms and Conditions

1. Please remove and retain your registration plates and toll tags. We accept no liability for registration plates and toll tags.

2. The Vendor that the goods here in stated are his/her sole property and are free of all encumbrances both at law and in equity and there is no impediment whatsoever to his/her giving possession and a good title to the goods immediately upon the execution of this Agreement and the covenants contained in this clause shall constitute a condition precedent to this agreement and further should at any subsequent date the purchaser suffer any loss through a breach of this clause be a vendor then the vendor will upon demand made of him/her by the purchaser make good to the full any and all such losses. Goods sold remain the property of the vendor until Financial Transaction is completed.

3. The payment is GST inclusive.

4. ACT Wreckers takes no responsibility for any unpaid fines or debts owing on the vehicle. For using the Services or access certain functionality of the website you will be given username, password once you provide us with your current and accurate identification, email address and other information like residential address, contact number, temporary residence details etc.

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