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Car Removal Yass

Our Cash for Scrap Car Removal Yass Program Gets Your Car Sold

Having the best of cars in your garage is what brings joy to many and sometimes defines your taste as a person. However, no matter how expensive and well customized a vehicle is, there comes a time where it has outlived it, and you have to get rid of it by selling or dumping it in a scrap yard. It can be quite daunting and hassling to dump such a heavy metal; this is why Car Removal Yass is here to help you out.

Car Removal Yass

Ask Yourself… Is my Car:

  • Not being driven for months?
  • Old and Rusting?
  • Damaged?
  • Uninsured?
  • Taking up space in driveway?
  • Bad Transmission?
  • Blown head gasket?
  • Electrical Problems?

Ask us anything about removing a scrap vehicle or cashing it in.

If you are looking to scrap, recycle, or sell an older vehicle, or used car online. In fact anything on wheels with an engine or pulse, our Car Removal Yass will rescue, apart from children! The imperturbable courtesy of our scrap car removal style is in striking contrast to the frequent tardiness of our cash for cars competitors in the Yass area. ACT wreckers offer cash for cars regardless of age, and pitiful its state may be. Our service combines vehicular scrapping with old-fashioned cash. Get the money you need and get rid of your unwanted or shabby vehicle with this service. Contact our imperturbable scrap car salvage crew today to start. 0477 562 299 We specialize in buying then removing, run down, end of life vehicles, and unwanted cars.

Fast & Trustworthy Pick Up Service

You need a keen Car Removal Yass team who can assist you in disposing of your used vehicle quickly. Our team is known for its speedy car purchasing, which rids you of unwanted cars and puts the money (or e-transfer) in your pockets quickly. We are also consistent in all that we do. ACT wreckers will ensure that you receive the best service possible at all stages of the pick-up and sales process. You will always know what to expect from us because we offer reliable and consistent service.

Recently Purchased Cars & Trucks

2007 Toyota Hilux, Yass.  2011 Nissan Qashqai, Yass2000  Ford Ranger, Yass1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD, Yass2005 Honda CR-V, Yass2000 Honda Civic, Yass2001 Subaru Forester, Yass2005 BMW 328, New Westminster. 1999 Toyota Tacoma, Coquitlam. 2008 BMW 528, Yass2000 Dodge Ram, Yass2004 Toyota RAV-4, Yass2001 VW Jetta, Yass. 2005 Ford Explorer, Yass2001 Toyota Camry, Yass. 2011 Kia Sportage, Yass.

Car Removal Greenway

Get Cash for Your Car Now! Greenway, ACT

ACT WRECKERS is a locally owned and operated company here in Canberra. Call 0477 562 299 for a cash offer to buy your car. We’ve been buying junk cars for cash in Canberra for over two decades. We’re experienced and keep up to date with prices on salvaged autos. We’ll do our best to give you top dollar for your damaged or wrecked car in the Canberra area. We buy cars in all conditions.

Car Removal Greenway

Want to know a quick and easy way to sell your junk car in Greenway, ACT? At we purchase all ranges of vehicles from trucks, sedans, SUVs,​ …

Avoid the fake auto buyers

Many national companies will advertise on google as an auto or junk car buyer. None of these companies actually have a presence in Greenway. ACT wreckers can pay you the most for your junk, wrecked or otherwise running vehicle.

The service provided by cash for trucks cannot be beat. Company personnel will remove your old car at no charge AND will leave you some cash in hand! This is a great way to rid your property of those old cars you never sold or recycled.

Car Removal Greenway & 24 Hour Free Towing Service 

Car Removal Greenway team has worked for the company since its inception. The company’s employees can be trusted on your property and can be relied upon to show up on time. Car Removal Greenway personnel are experienced in car removal. They have passed rigorous background checks and their driving records have been verified by the Department of Transport. This means you can trust their ability to pick up your old car from just about anywhere and remove it from your property with skill and precision and zero damage.

  1. 24/7 Car Towing & Removal across ACT state,
  2. 24 Hours a Day It – Call Us! It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, there is always a dispatcher standing by ready to help get your vehicle towed for cash,
  3. Buying used & junk cars in Canberra & surrounding areas we pay Cash on the Spot Today!
  4. Old Cars – Newer Cars – Running – Not Running – Even Totaled!
  5. Certified Towing Staff – Our Drivers are certified.

Getting rid of a vehicle can be a complicated process. Skip it all, and just let us take care of it.

Canberra car wreckers specialize in buying cars in all conditions. Don’t worry about the process, let us take care of all of it. We purchase vehicles whether they are running or not and have a solution ready to take care of you.

Why choose ACT Wreckers to sell your car in Greenway?

  • You will receive a fair quote and honest price for your unwanted car.
  • If your vehicle is no longer in driving condition, we tow it for you free of cost.
  • We pay you cash upon pick-up or drop off.
  • You are treated with respect and the highest level of professional courtesy.
  • There is never any pressure throughout the process.
  • We properly recycle all parts of the vehicle according to Australia regulations.

Not In ACT, but still looking to sell your car? We are currently purchasing vehicles in NSW but we suggest you look online for someone in your local area. We’ll give you an example, like if you are in NSW a good option would be to use auto wreckers Sydney.

Car Removals Canberra Central

Best Unwanted Car Buyer in Canberra Central, ACT

We’ve helped thousands of happy customers sell their cars for cash and sell their trucks for cash throughout the ACT region.

ACT wrecker’s Canberra based car buyer team members will help you get the most cash for Car Removals Canberra Central.

Car Removals Canberra Central

We know that selling used cars can be frustrating, which is why we’re here to help you get rid of your car-stress-free.

 As the best scrap car buyer in ACT, we take care of all the title paperwork and even pick up your car anywhere in the surrounding Canberra, Hunter area for FREE!

Do You Want To Sell My Car In Canberra? We Buy Cars, Trucks, and SUVs

Our Car Removals Canberra Central Process

Our Car Removals Canberra Central process is the easiest it possibly could be to use. In fact, it was designed with your convenience and satisfaction in mind! All you need to do is give us a call at 0413 085 575 and tell us about the car you’d like to sell.

We’ll take details such as the year, make, model and condition. We will then give you a detailed valuation, including our offer!

You are free to walk away at any point; the car valuation has no strings attached. If you accept the offer, we come and pick up your car at whatever the Capital location you desire.

We will bring your cash directly to you when we remove the vehicle, and even if it needs to be towed, that will not cost you a cent.

Our car removal professionals handle all the paper work, so you’re basically set at this point. All you had to do was make a simple phone call and your car was sold instantly!

#1 Place That Buys Problematic Cars in Any Condition

 Sell my car in Canberra that won’t start or drive

We buy cars that won’t start up or that won’t drive far with ease; because we come pick up cars anywhere in Canberra for free and pay you cash for the car on the spot.

 Sell my damaged car in Canberra City

ACT wreckers make selling wrecked cars as quick and easy as it should be, by paying the max amount of cash for cars and removing the damaged car for free anywhere in ACT.

Who Buys Cars Near Canberra?

Of the places that buy cars near Canberra, ACT wreckers if the fastest way to sell a car. You can get an offer to get cash for cars instantly whichever way is most convenient for you. Sell a car fast in Canberra by giving one of our helpful car buyers a call 0413 085 575 or by getting an online offer right now.

Why choose

Our mission is to help you sell your unwanted car fast. So stop paying for ads, scheduling inconvenient viewings and shelling out money for repairs.

  • ACT wreckers BUYS MOST makes and models running or not
  • We make selling your car, truck, SUV, or van EASY
  • FAST SERVICE with one call to get an offer, sell your car, towing included and a no-hassle document transfer in as little as 24 hours

CASH FOR CARS with Free Tow and Removal

we offer free towing from anywhere in ACT

WE ARE the original cash for cars company in ACT, and we have relationships with lots of companies throughout the ACT state includes nearby cities like: CanberraCurtinPhillipFyshwick and Canberra North.

We buy cars and always offer free removal and tow service. Do yourself a favor, give one our professional scrap car valuators a call and we will have money in your hands in no time.

Our auto wrecking facilities in Australia:

Scrap Cars Tuggeranong

Want cash for your Scrap Cars Tuggeranong? Look no further than ACT Wreckers!

Scrap Cars Tuggeranong

  1.  We buy all cars! We’ll pick up your unwanted car free of charge and tow it away.
  2.  We are ACT’s top junk car and truck buyer.
  3.  We are ACT’s top car removal specialists.

How We Evaluate Your Vehicle?

Our company has a standard evaluation process the values your car based on the:

  • Type
  • Model
  • Year
  • Physical condition
  • Damages and repairs

Our professionals in Tuggeranong inspect and evaluate your car based on the current market value and will pay you according. Our process is clear, transparent and honest. You will surely get the right value for your car once you deal with us.

It’s Beyond Easy to Sell a Car in Tuggeranong, ACT With Us:

  • Call Us: Call us for a fast quote. All we need are a few details about your Scrap Cars Tuggeranong. Our quotes are guaranteed prices.
  • Schedule Time: Schedule a convenient time for us to pick up your unwanted car for free anywhere in the Tuggeranong area.
  • Get Cash: Get paid cash on the spot as your car is towed away from any Tuggeranong location.

We cover all of Canberra as well as all the surrounding towns like:

CanberraCurtinPhillipFyshwick and Canberra North.

We have trucks running all over the place, all day long, so that is why we can provide free towing of your Scrap Cars Tuggeranong. We love the fact that we can offer this service, because it’s a very unique service. The smiles we bring to customers faces each time we pay them cash for their unwanted vehicle is the main reason why we do this. We’re able to help people who are otherwise in trouble. Whether your vehicle is at the mechanic shop and it’s not worth fixing, or your car got impounded and it’s racking up a massive bill. We are able to provide a quick rescue for an otherwise grueling process. We love this job, because we get the chance to meet new people every single day.

Find your local Mitsubishi scrap yard in Australia:

Scrap Car Buyers Canberra

Everything You Need To Know Before Selling Unwanted Vehicle to Scrap Car Buyers Canberra

Here at ACT wreckers, we will buy nearly every make and model of car, truck, van or SUV under the sun. We don’t care if you’ve been turned down by other car buyers, or if your vehicle has no roadworthy certificate. Buying hard-to-sell cars is our specialty, including wrecked cars, damaged cars, non-running vehicles, scrap trucks with blown engines or bad transmissions, and cars with major mechanical issues.

Just answer a few basic questions about your vehicle and we’ll give you a guaranteed online quote in 30 minutes or less. You won’t even have to worry about paying for towing—since FREE towing and car removal are included with every ACT wreckers offer!

Scrap Car Buyers Canberra

We purchase and tow away old, broken, junk cars from all over ACT!

If you have a junk car or commercial truck regardless of age or condition, we are happy to help you make your life more pristine by taking it off your hands.

  • Quick, Easy & Painless

    Get an offer from Scrap Car Buyers Canberra in 30 minutes and have your car sold in 1-2 days.

  • Trusted by 1000’s Monthly

    #1 Canberra cash for cars service purchasing 1,000’s of cars each month across the ACT.

  • Free Junk Car Removal

    Free towing and removal of unwanted cars in Canberra and surrounding areas.

  • We Junk Cars for Cash

    Trucks, Vans, SUV’s too.  Get a no-hassle offer now!

We will never take advantage of you by charging YOU to take YOUR vehicle away, and we always pay cash up-front for any vehicle we collect.

What should you know before selling to a junkyard or private Scrap Car Buyers Canberra?

  • Never pay to tow your car. Any reputable company should provide you with free towing
  • Do not accept any offer that wasn’t the one you agreed on.
  • Never give your car away for free! Even if its junk or scrapped it has some value left to it

Why ACT Wreckers?

ACT wreckers have been buying, selling of cars, trucks business for over 10 years!

  • We pay top dollar for junk cars, trucks, vans, crossovers and more.
  • The process is easy – we take care of all paperwork.
  • We tow your scrap car or truck for free if it’s within our local towing zone.
  • Your unwanted car or truck will be off your property.
  • Recycle your wreck vehicle!

How Much can I Get when I Sell my Car?

Scrap car prices vary widely, from as low as $200 on the low end to $9,000 or more. It all depends on the condition of your vehicle, along with its make, model and mileage. We’ll also account for any optional upgrades or valuable parts to help you get a higher price than most scrapyards will offer.

Get Paid Cash for Scrap Cars in Canberra

ACT wrecker’s streamlined process makes it easier than ever before to get cash for cars no matter what shape they’re in. Instead of spending a fortune to keep that old vehicle on the road, or letting it rust out and take up space on your property, contact ACT wreckers today! We’ll come to you with FREE towing, take that old vehicle off your hands, and put payment in your hand—all within 24-48 hours, without you ever having to leave the comfort of home.

Where Do you Buy Junk Cars?

ACT wreckers want YOUR scrap car, and we’re willing to pick it up from anywhere in the Canberra area and all over ACT state.

That includes nearby cities like: CanberraCurtinPhillipFyshwick and Canberra North.

Just tell is where to send the tow truck and we’ll meet you there in 24-48 hours with your payment ready!

Find your local Mitsubishi scrap yard in Australia:

Car Removal Bungendore


Whether you’re a DIY car repair or a person who wants to get money for an old vehicle, rely on ACT wreckers. We offer both money for junk cars and great savings on used auto parts.

Car Removal Bungendore

Sell your Junk Vehicle to ACT Wreckers

Do you have a car that just uses up space or costs you money to store?  Our Car Removal Bungendore team can help. We buy end life vehicles, which means you get money and an old car off your hands.

Find the Car Parts you Need

Need a hard-to-find, old, or used part for a car you’re working on or your current car? Rely on us at ACT Wreckers Since we buy used cars, vans & scrap trucks we offer lots of affordable auto parts. You can view our inventory online, call us to inquire, or stop by our Fyshwick junkyard.

Get in Touch With Us Today

Whatever your reason for our services, call us at 0413 085 575 for any questions you have about buying or selling used cars. Whether you want to find auto parts, buy salvage cars, or get rid of your old car, our knowledgeable staff is here to help.

Who Pays The Most for Damaged Cars in Bungendore?

Simply put, we do. We screen other local junk yards to ensure that what we pay beats the competition. In this way, you can always be sure that the price we provide is not only competitive, but the best in the greater Queanbeyan Region.

Our Car Removal Bungendore Process:

  1.  Simply contact us with the year, make, and model
  2.  Small description of what is wrong with your vehicle.
  3.  We then provide you with the highest quote possible.
  4.  Schedule your junk car removal for FREE pick up.
  5.  Driver pays you cash on the spot upon removal.

Why ACT Wreckers?

As one of the most respected auto salvage companies in the industry, we keep the process honest and fair for all our customers.

  • Every car, no matter the condition of the vehicle or its make, model or year, has value.
  • We keep the process quick, so you can get on with your day.
  • We provide cash on the spot at the time of delivery or pick up.
  • We provide free towing if your vehicle is not in driving condition.

If you decide to work with us, which we hope you do, we can pick up your vehicle for free, and we pay you cash at the same time. If you’re able to drive your vehicle to our Fyshwick scrapyard, we will pay you cash upon drop-off. If you do not have the vehicle’s title to show ownership, please let us know beforehand. We will provide tips on how you can obtain the title or other ways to show proof of ownership.

Green Auto Recycling Strategies & Top Cash Car Removal Procedures

When we buy junk cars Bungendore, we always recycle & dismantle our acquired cars with strict recycling procedures at our Canberra car wrecking yard, which are regulated & ensured to be environmentally safe.

All cars must drain all of the hazardous liquids, gases and fluids, which are retrieved by a designated & licensed local hazardous waste company. You can be sure that your used vehicle will be dismantled properly at our scrapyard.

Junk Cars South Canberra

How You Get The Most Cash for Your Junk Cars South Canberra?

Do you have an oldwreckedunwantedsalvage or NO roadworthy car, SUV, van or truck? ACT wreckers will buy it. It doesn’t matter what year, make or model it is. With years of experience in junk car business we can remove your car in South Canberra and throughout the area is the Australia Capital. We are an honest, professional company, and our car removal service is fast and courteous.

Junk Cars South Canberra


Because we understand it can be difficult to get cash for junk cars, we strive to be one of the best options for Gore residents needing to sell a junk car for cash without feeling badly that they’re scrapping the cars for free or are actually paying someone to remove the metal for them. We purchase cars in as-is condition, so you won’t need to worry that the vehicle is in bad shape and can’t be sold.

We also buy nicer vehicles as well and can offer top dollar for these purchases. ACT Wreckers buy damaged vehicles and non-running vehicles that may be considered scrap or are unable to pass inspection. Plus, we pay cash on the spot and provide free towing / pickup!


Yes, we will buy any car regardless of the year, make or model. All it takes is a phone call to determine an instant price quote on your vehicle.

We buy all brands ranging from:

We buy your junk cars in any condition. Wrecked, broken down, water damaged, fire damage, vandalized, write-off cars.  We make sure your getting the most money for your UNWANTED car. We offer free towing with same day Car Removal service to our customers in South Canberra. We have wrecker trucks on call ready to serve you. Give us a call to get a free instant cash quote for your unwanted car pick up for cash. Depending on the year make and model of your unwanted car. Depends on how much money you will receive. We buy all cars from the year 1990 to 2020 in any condition


We want you to get your property back and to get rid of unused vehicles that still require plates and registration to keep legal. If you’re sick of looking at those junk cars and just want them gone, we pay cash for cars in very little time and without having you worry that the vehicle is in poor or even nonworking condition. Don’t waste time at auto salvage yard.

Call our Junk Cars South Canberra team today to schedule an estimate and to receive the cash you need and want for your old vehicles. Our customers satisfaction is our number one priority.

Our auto wrecking services in ACT:

Car Removal North Canberra

Sell your Scrap Car for Cash in North Canberra

Looking for a quick, simple, and hassle-free way to scrap your car in North Canberra? We can help. As a leading Canberra car wreckers site for scrap and damaged vehicles, we’ll help you to find the best possible price for your vehicle.

We pay some of the best prices for used cars in North Canberra. We also offer a convenient free vehicle removal service.

Car Removal North Canberra

Established in 2015, we are rapidly becoming one of the ACT’s premier car & truck wreckers in Canberra. If you have an old unwanted car to get rid of and you were thinking “Where is the best place to scrap my car in North Canberra?” you’re in the right place.

Get cash for your unwanted vehicle!

No matter what type of Scrap Car you have we are interested in buying it from you. Simply give us a call (0413 085 575) email us ( – ready with details about the car you want to scrap and we will give you the best price we can.

Read More:

We pay cash for all types of cars such as:

  • Scrap
  • Damaged
  • Salvaged
  • Non-runners
  • Road worthy failures etc
  • Write offs
  • Accident damaged

Do you have an old scrap car in your driveway, garage or parking space? Is it becoming old, rusty and an awful eyesore? We have 5 years of experience in the collection trade and offer a best cash for cars service to anyone in North Canberra or surrounding areas.

Is your car stuck, blocked in or difficult to move?

We can remove all types of scrap cars for free – and can remove them from most locations from your property – we have gone as far as cutting away a tree that had grown for over 15 years blocking a car in, taking out fence panels to remove a car from a back garden and removing a garage door!

Our scrap car collection experts are always on time, friendly and more than happy to offer their advice.

How can you provide a free or paid scrap Car Removal North Canberra service?

We are able to collect scrap cars for free because of the number of contacts and resources we have built up over our over 15 years experience in the car wrecking and removal trade.

What if my car is absolutely useless?

We will still make the collection. Simply give us a call and we will come to your property, load the car on to our truck and leave you without the terrible eye sore ruining your property.

How it works?

Give the job of removing that old scrap piece of junk to one of our professionally qualified scrap car removal specialists.

  1. Give us a call or email.
  2. We’ll arrange a date and time to collect your car that suits you.
  3. One of our car removal experts will come to your property and remove the vehicle to comply with the ACCESS rules and regulations.

Getting rid of your old car is really that simple!

Call The ACT Wreckers – 0413 085 575.

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